Meet our dynamic and accomplished team of Engineering professionals.


Henrik Nazarian

Founder & CEO

Henrik’s combined Design and Construction experience has always been one of his key strengths, in addition to his Heroic Client Service mentality.


Boris Tantchev

Senior Project Manager

Boris has a strong background in hydrology and is a huge resource for all the engineers when it comes to final engineering design and specification.

Paul Hiney

Paul Hiney joined D&D June 2019. Paul is a Registered Civil Engineer with Public Works and Development Experience. before joining D&D Paul worked for City of Lawndale and Green Dot Public School.


Dominic Albera, P.E.

Project Manager

Dominic Albera joined D&D May 2018. Dominic has significant experience in Industrial projects within the City of Los Angeles. 


Robert Dizon

Project Engineer

Robert Dizon has been a major contributor to several important projects including Clippers Arena, Simi Valley Condos, and Chino Industrial complex.


Lester Rodriguez, P.E.

Project Engineer

 Lester is a huge asset to the production work in the office and one of the very few engineers proficient in Pondpack and hydrology softwares.


Paul Ho, P.E.

Project Engineer

Patrick Ho is a Registered Civil Engineer and has almost 20-years of Development Experience mostly within City of Los Angeles.EE_00003

Erika Estrada

Staff Engineer

Erika is officially the first hire of D&D. Erika is local to Inglewood and enjoys her short commute to the office everyday.

Jose Ventura

Jose Ventura joined D&D November 2022. Jose worked on field as part of family business team member in Los Angeles  before joining D&D. Jose enjoys being challenged on all variety of projects he is involved in our Burbank office.