hollywood park residential

More than 300 residential apartment units in two separate buildings. D&D prepared all Civil engineering plans for the project and was involved during the entitlement process. D&D also supported the owner during the bid and construction phase. The project is almost completed, and D&D is providing Construction Support and SWPPP services for the owner/developer.

alisma - simi valley

40 single family detached townhomes over 5-acre parcel. D&D worked on the entitlement phase with Stratham Homes and Warmington purchased the project to build the final products. The project included processing a LOMR/CLOMR and also Ventura County permit and encroachment.

5th & central development

This project is the adaptive reuse of three (3) existing commercial / hotel mixed use buildings into 95 residential dwelling units (94 studios and 1 manager unit) and 9210 square feet of general commercial, office and community service floor area.  The general commercial space will be shell & core. Future T.I. use will be under a separate permit. Design is still in process. 

hhh watt

This project is 58 units with following breakdown: 15 studio units, 21 1B units, 16 2B units, and 6 3B units over an acre site. The project is currently on hold pending City negotiation.